Employee Engagement & HR Business Partnering

In the competing business world, it is important to focus mainly on organizations’ core business by maximizing the resources to achieve it’s goal. Day to day transactional and routine human resources process and operations can be outsourced to fit within business needs. Capacity 360 provides real-time HR Business Partnering support as your business needs in the following options to grow your business:

Full HR Functions:

We can manage your complete human resources functions including human resource strategy-policy development, recruitment & selection, human resource communications, payroll management, grievance and disciplinary issues handling, performance management, salary and benefits review, satisfaction survey, succession planning, training and development and employee exit process.

Partial HR Functions:

We share human resources functions between us, where we take care of selective human resources functions as you decide where you manage the rest of the functions by your team.

HR Technical Support to your team: 

You keep a very small HR team or as partial responsibility of a staff member to coordinate HR function and we provide continued technical human resource support to your team to ensure your HR functions meets industry standard and your business needs.

  • Full HR Function
  • Partial HR Function
  • HR Technical Support to your team
  • Leadership, Enablement, Alignment, Development approaches
  • Design and facilitate Employee Engagement strategies, approaches and activities
  • Employee Retention Strategies
  • Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey