Shaun Vincent                                               

Coaching for social impact

I’m here to help you achieve more social impact!

I’ve been leading and managing international development for over 25 years and have had the privilege of waking up every day feeling a sense of purpose, excitement and pride about the work I do. I’ve always known that everyone has enormous potential, no matter their individual circumstances, and have consistently tried to help those that I’ve worked with to become the best possible version of themselves.

This year I said goodbye to employment with an international NGO to focus my time on my true passion – coaching others to realize their potential contribution to social impact. And by coaching, I mean “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

A coaching partnership with me will bring you results, if you are also passionate about social impact and looking to:

  • Create more social value, operate nearer the bottom of the pyramid, or establish a CSR programme
  • Improve the performance of your international development management/leadership team(s)
  • Overcome a fear, self-doubt or other limiting belief in pursuit of improved leadership performance and career development
  • Reconnect your management and leadership with and be more influenced by marginalized communities
  • Explore new ways for you to translate your energy and enthusiasm into constructive and meaningful social change.

I care deeply about social issues and celebrate equally the contribution of all stakeholders to social change, whether from the private, public or not-for-profit sector, whilst recognizing the indivisible primacy of marginalized people to my work. This recognition will ensure you receive an authentic coaching experience, no matter who you work for or what position you hold. I will listen deeply, ask challenging questions, and ‘hold’ moments of discomfort whilst remaining fully engaged with you throughout the coaching process. I know from personal experience, that when done well, coaching can deliver amazing social changes.

I value professionalism, work to internationally agreed coaching and volunteering standards, and believe in action – I say what I think, do what I say I will do, and expect you to hold me account for that. This is my main guarantee to you that you will achieve your goals.

What others say about me

  • “Thanks for the meeting today, you are the most inspiring person. Sometimes I wonder how you see these things without being in the conversation I have had with other people!”
  • “In that short twenty minutes you managed to lift me up so much you have no idea. Months of self-doubt and confusion which caused me stomach problems were removed by that short conversation. I left feeling in awe, you… manage to support people around you so much.”
  • “You approach everything with excitement and possibility. There’s a sense of loyalty when working with you.”
  • “You have the ability to analyse and process information and provide a critical review; to see things that aren’t immediately obvious”
  • “I would especially point out your capacity to listen and understand the members and show other people respect, this can also entail an intercultural competence”.

About me

Originally from the United Kingdom, I have lived and worked in Asia through most of my professional career and have acquired extensive field experience from across South Asia, East Africa, Scandinavia and Southeast Asia. This includes substantive practical experience of managing, mentoring and coaching volunteers, i.e., people for whom social rather than economic reward is their primary motivation. I have also supported the CSR programmes of several global companies, including Syngenta in Bangladesh, Accenture in Cambodia, IBM and Vodafone in India, Barclays in Kenya, and Deloitte in Uganda.

In addition to my coaching assignments, I also volunteer as the co-founding Operations Director of The Lotus Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that supports the personal growth of marginalized women in South East Asia through the provision of cost-effective professional coaching services.

I enjoy a bachelor’s degree in Geography of Africa and Asia, a master’s degree in Tropical Agriculture, and an MBA. I am an ICF-certified Executive Leadership Coach, ABNLP-certified NLP practitioner, and Marshall Goldsmith-certified Stakeholder Centered Coach.